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Oct 3, 2012 10:00am EDT
. the guardian angel concept is in being. it is done any tactful and sensible manner. it does look out of place -- it does not look out of place. there are people with magazines attached to their weapons in most locations a lot of the time. it is not an unusual sight. i think your question really does not characterize what you see when you visit our troops on the ground. i have been close alongside our troops in a number of areas. i was with u.s. troops working close alongside afghans and the relationships were excellent. they were working close alongside their partners. they had a good relationship. there was clearly a high degree of trust between the commanders. the troops were getting on extremely well. i have seen their same in the rest of the country. i was visiting a site -- i visited troops down in helmand. all over the country, the vast majority of interactions, thousands of interactions a day are trusting and really they are characteristic of people getting on to gather jointly with a demanding job. in that respect, there is far more the brings us together than divides us. >> i am with
Oct 4, 2012 5:00pm EDT
as a community and we had millions of people in chicago and los angeles and new york, all over the country. we did not have the infrastructure to be able to consolidate to what we were doing to be effective. you spoke a moment ago about an insider-outsider game. we have devolved into that now. we have to have people on the inside, the outside, pushing the insiders and getting information from the insiders sold weekend be more effective at all times. it is like anything else. we evolve. the leadership was there. we did not know how to put it altogether. connoisseurs' about forging alliances with other people and other were dozens, and why? they work. people of color are 33% of the american population. 33%. that is a lot of soap we are buying. what we need to do is commercialize it into something that is good for us all politically. >> we may not be able to elect someone now, but we can prevent someone from being elected, and that seems like what we are doing now. we can prevent somebody from being elected to was worse. we need a real education on the dream act. it is tough. it will not be easy
Oct 5, 2012 9:00am EDT
happen to be one of those snow angels that the other lady -- host: is very happy about. [laughter] caller: i lived through the depression, so you can imagine how all i am. i wanted to comment on this recession that we're going through. it started 60 years ago when a new england lost its leather industry. that is a terrible blow to this country, we hope it doesn't continue. then 40 years ago, it lost its apparel industry trade in large plant -- i met a gentleman who worked for a plant in south america, and i asked him what he did, and he took care of all the machinery. "we have 12 plants in south america --" host: i have to jump in, because we are just about out of time. exporting jobs in the earlier part of the 20th-century -- what was behind that? there was not a nafta agreement. guest: but it still had to do with the changing global economy. for the u.s., it made more sense, purely economically, to buy it cheaper from a lower- cost country. look at what happened in the uk. they were leaders in research and medicine. host: this is capacity utilization. guest: this shows the utilization r
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3